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New Release: Vacuum Lifter for Metal Sheets

AERO ADVANCE series (up to 1,200 kg lifting capacity): New design, new features, intelligent warning device, double-fused by two vacuum pumps, low-noise in the housing made of plastic in aluminum look. Ergonomic control handle with convenient control buttons. All tubing with spiral hoses – no twisting or entangling. Power saving automatic as standard. Product innovation!


AERO-LIFT vacuum lifters allow for humanising of the workplace and the massive reduction of loading and unloading times. This is only possible due to AERO-LIFT hose lifters’ comfortable and rapid suction-lift-release principle.

With a large selection of different suction plates and a lifting capacity of up to 300 kilograms, these offer options for practically every type of transportation material. The singlehanded handle, the high-quality multi-layer Neoprene synthetic hose and the non-return valve for safe lowering of the load in the event of a power failure allow for simple and safe operation whilst conforming to the latest EN 14238 safety regulations. All units conform to CE standards and are delivered after undergoing new UVC testing.


Saves on manpower costs
Moving and carrying cargoes is usually a 2-3 man job. With our Vacuum Lifter, it lightens the load and requires just 1 operator to lift the same amount, as the equipment handles the heavy lifting.

Productivity Gains
Since worker no longer require to use strength to carry heavy cargo, worker is now able to work in a more relaxed environment, work more productive within shift hours instead. Current manual process is worker only able to carry heavy item for an hour, then they need to rest / or need man power rotation etc.

Reduce work place injury
With Vacuum lifter assisting to carry heavy cargo, it reduces back injury or any other potential work place injury such as wrist and neck pain. Furthermore, it reduces company’s yearly medical expenses.

Fast handling cycle time
The process of moving cargo is shorter with vacuum lifter + 1 worker compared to 1 worker doing manual handling job.

One Lifter, Multiple applications
Our unique quick-change attachment for various applications.

Suitable in the below industries and applications:

• Logistics Storage
• Warehouse Order Picking
• Groceries Cartons, Boxes
• Glass
• Sheet Metal
• Wood Sheet
• Container, Drum & Barrels

Sheet Metal Handling
Vacuum Tube Lifter