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The iDuctor is the ultimate tool for your precision heating needs. Using induction technology, this electronic device allows a wide range of ferrous metals to be heated from the inside out.

The iDuctor uses the of induction to heat magnetisable metal components such as nuts. Whether a particular material can be heated can be determined by experimentation. A set of eight different induction spirals and a flexible induction coil are supplied to allow heating of a wide range of components.

What makes induction heating unique is that it mainly heats the outermost components,  iDuctor has the advantage that its flameless induction heating technology provides a much faster and safer way of working.

iDuctor – Heating with Induction

The iDuctor technology has many uses, including loosening:

  • seized or rusted nuts
  • bolts
  • spindles
  • nipples
  • bearings, and more


  • Increase Productivity – In general, it may takes 1 to 3 hours labour intensive job to remove a stuck nut/bolt. However, it only takes less than 1 min for iDuctor
  • Reduce Unnecessary Damage Cost – Parts get damaged during the removal process by knocking, hammering etc
    Short Cycle Time – Fast heating to removal of stuck nut/bolt
  • Maintenance Free – Tool servicing is not required
    Light Weight – Very Portable with just 4kg included briefcase
  • Safe to Operate – It generates “NO OPEN FIRE”. Fire Safety.

We are honored to be partnering with PRODUCTS4SHIPS for the logistics of our iDuctors. https://www.products4ships.com/iductor/