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Founded for almost a century, a strong position has been built up over the decades. SAN-EI provides pneumatic devices with good quality and satisfies the demands from the variety of industries such as; Chemical, Iron, Oil, Mining, Shipbuilding, Vehicle, and Construction.

“My Hand” Air Balancer

My Hand” is a fully pneumatic balancer (using air) which enables easy lifting, lowering and carrying for your material handling solutions.  You can choose to install it portably, or install it on the floor, ceiling and wall, and can be attached to a variety of hooks and vacuum suction pads. It ensures your safety and efficient work, and is as easy as using as your right hand.   Click here to watch a demo video.

Key Features:

  • Labour Saving – A hand is all that’s required to lift your heavy objects.
  • Load Detection – It can automatically detect the load and balance objects with each different load.
  • Load Gauge – You can check the approximate load weight with a simple gauge.
  • Fully Pneumatic – It is fully pneumatic-driven, thus suitable for use in hazardous areas eg. explosive, humid, high-temperature work environments where electrical machinery is not allowed.
  • Simple Design – A  elegant and simple design is used to ensure the machine is both light and affordable.

Operating Principle:

We offer 2 models, BTA80A and the BTA120, with specifications as below:

Click here to see more detailed drawings of the different models and explore your options for finding the best material handling solution for wherever you are.

My Hand-San Ei