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Industrial/Material Handling Solutions

We are a trusted distributor of material handling equipment, such as lifters and forklifts, providing you with material handling solutions for your needs be it in your warehouse or factory production lines.

Lifting Equipment*

Toyo Koken

Toyo Koken Ergo-Hand Balaman, or it is called the Three Dimensional Balancer, allow ergonomic, safe and effective transfer, transport and handling of any products. The Balaman is able to lift all types of products ranging from 5kg to 700kg using only compressed air. A wide variety of attachments (work holding systems of hook, fork, vacuuming, electromagnet, clamping, etc) have been developed to hold heavy loads (work pieces) of various shapes and sizes (eg. carton box, drum can, plastic container, glass panel, bottles, pallets, electrical appliances, household appliances, mechanical parts, etc). The systems are designed to ensure the handling of products with precision, flexibility and safety.

Aero Lift

Founded for almost a century, a strong position has been built up over the decades. SAN-EI provides pneumatic devices with good quality and satisfies the demands from the variety of industries such as; Chemical, Iron, Oil, Mining, Shipbuilding, Vehicle, and Construction.

Industrial/Material Handling Solutions
Industrial/Material Handling Solutions

*Suitable for all industries

Material Handling Equipment


NewBroach (made in the UK) offers the most powerful and comprehensive range of portable magnetic drills for holes up to diameters of 100mm. NewBroach’s portable magnetic drills are suitable for drilling structural steel and virtually any metal in construction and other related industries.

In addition, NewBroach’s annular cutters are reliable, offers more accurate & faster performances, and requires less time and energy per hole.