Our line of machinery will help you deliver the highest quality with greater profits. We believe in value and durability,
by providing total solution to our customers in the following applications, click on the links below to find out more!

Secondary Packaging Solution

We strive to provide customized automated solutions for all your secondary packaging and process challenges, to alleviate stressful manual work for any of your production and assembly line requirements.

Our commitment to customers is to provide a fully integrated, automated solution for every packaging needs. This include End of line packaging such as Case Packers, Tray packers, shrink wrapper, palletizers, etc. The above are just some examples of U-Pack’s wide production range, which could also be integrated with conveying systems & robotic systems offering a complete secondary packaging solution.

Products require our packaging solutions:

Production lines such as:

  • Mineral Water
  • Tea Beverage
  • Functional Beverage
  • Juice Beverage
  • Liquid Milk
  • Tea Beverage
  • Juice Beverage
  • Protein Beverage
  • Mixed Congee Production
  • Fruit, Meat Can Production
  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Cosmetic & Chemical Industries
  • Etc
Our Specialties:

  • Project analysis of customer’s requirement
  • Design customized engineering technology solution
  • Supply customer the optimum solution
  • Effectively improve the production efficiency
  • Commissioning and technical training
  • After-sales service support
  • Service maintenance package available *Optional*
Why our solutions suitable for various industries:

  • Multi-Product Management in same line to meet ever-changing requirements
  • Production line adjustment flexibility
  • Tailor workshop to save limited energy and space
  • Ensure quick production to improve efficiency
  • Ensure consistent product quality and production speed
  • Cost saving on manpower and energy